A Practical Sanskrit Introductory

by Charles Wikner

This course offers a good introduction to the sanskrit language, including the devanagari alphabet, some basic grammar, and advice on how to use a sanskrit dictionary. The whole course is about 150 pages long, or over 1MB as a pdf, so I have divided it into separate chapters to avoid excessive download times. If you choose to download each lesson as you work on it, please note that the answers to the exercises are in an appendix, so you will probably want to download that file fairly early on!

Download the whole manual as a single file
Preface and Contents pages
Lesson 1 - Sanskrit Pronunciation, Vowels, Dhatu, Verbs

Lesson 2 - Mouth Positions, Consonants, Devanagari Alphabet, More on Verbs

Lesson 3 - Semi-Vowels, Sibilants, Summary of Consonants, Alphabetical Order, More on Verbs, Nouns
Lesson 4 - Devanagari Alphabet, Summary of Verbs, More on Nouns

Lesson 5 - Devanagari Alphabet, More on Nouns

Lesson 6 - Vowels after Consonants, History of Vowel Embellishment, Sentence Structure, Noun Gender, Summary of Case Information

Lesson 7 - Halanta Consonants, Conjunct Consonants, Special Consonants, Verbal Prefixes
Lesson 8 - Special Symbols, Savarna, Anusvara, Numerals, More Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs
Lesson 9 - Vowel Accents, Variations in Devanagari Alphabet, Variations in Samyoga, Revision, Types of Words, Use of ‘iti’
Lesson 10 - Introduction to Sandhi, Guna, Vrddhi, Samprasarana, Introduction to Compound Words
Lesson 11 - Visarga Sandhi, Consonant Sandhi Grid, Internal Sandhi, Dvandva, Tatpurusa, Avyayibhava, Bahuvrihi
Lesson 12 - Monier-Williams Dictionary
Lesson 13 - Words beginning with Sa, References and abbreviations, Special Symbols etc
Lesson 14 - Dhatu
Lesson 15 - Dhatu-Patha, Study of the Scriptures
Appendices - Suggestions for Further Study, Answers to Exercises, English Grammatical Terms
Glossary and Index
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